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At Optima Dental Spa, our primary focus is on providing our patients in Seattle with advanced dental services in a serene environment. There’s no reason why quality dental care has to take place in a cold and clinical atmosphere, which is why our office has a much more spa-like feel to it. Ready to experience the difference for yourself? Give our office a call or request an appointment using our online scheduling system and schedule your next convenient dental visit today!

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509 Olive Way, Ste 1242, Seattle, WA 98101

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Curly-haired woman in a blue shirt smiles as she holds a piggy bank to discuss Optima Dental Spa's Dental Savers Plan


Optima Dental Spa services are first class but it’s important to us to make sure they are still affordable. Our Seattle office is insurance-friendly, plus we also accept CareCredit–the healthcare credit card that offers zero and low interest loans. However, one of the best deals in the house is our own in-house Dental Savings Plan. This budget-friendly health insurance alternative covers preventive care and offers generous discounts on many other treatments to members. You might decide to opt in and say goodbye to the hassles of traditional dental insurance! When you consider the benefits and discounts, it adds up to a considerable savings.