When Do I Need a Dental Crown?

November 30, 2019 8:00 am | Published by
Brunette young woman with dental crowns smiles while wearing a white tanktop Do you have a damaged or decayed tooth? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to negatively affect your smile any longer with our same-day dental crowns. CEREC® dental crowns are a natural-looking, versatile cosmetic dental solution that can be used for a variety of applications. In this blog post, we’ll give an overview of dental crowns and situations when this treatment would be the right solution for you.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a cap that goes right over a damaged, decayed, or cosmetically imperfect tooth but looks like a healthy natural tooth. Its purpose is multifold: to restore your smile to full-functionality and aesthetic while also protecting the underlying tooth and jawbone from damage.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a fantastic solution if you need to fix a tooth that is chipped, cracked, or severely damaged by decay. While some cavities can be cleaned out and repaired with a simple filling, advanced decay can leave your tooth too weak to support a filling. In these cases, a crown will be necessary to restore strength and function after root canal therapy. Or if you want to rejuvenate your smile for cosmetic reasons, crowns can cover teeth that are severely discolored, misshapen, inconsistently sized, or unevenly worn. Additionally, crowns can top off dental implants and replace a row of missing teeth with a dental bridge.

What Are Dental Crowns Made of?

At Optima Dental Spa, we offer crowns made of porcelain, zirconia, or lithium disilicate. Each material can deliver a beautiful, natural-looking smile. At your consultation, we can help you determine which material will work best for your smile, budget, and lifestyle!

Can I Afford a Dental Crown?

We strive to make dental care accessible and affordable for our patients. Our three offices accept many dental insurance plans, all major credit cards, cash, personal checks, and CareCredit®. Moreover, our Optima Dental Savings Plan covers 100% of your preventive treatments and provides discounts on other services, including 20% savings on dental crowns! Reach out to our team today to enroll.

Restore Your Smile with Us!

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a perfect smile! Our expert team can assist you with your all your smile restoration needs, whether you need dental crowns or are interested in our other cosmetic treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so you can enjoy your smile again! CONTACT US

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