Should I trust my dentist to remove my mercury fillings or find a holistic dentist?

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“I have 3 mercury fillings that I want removed. I don’t know if I should ask my dentist to do it. I asked him about removing them before, and he said I should keep them until they go bad. I don’t want mercury in my mouth, and I am going to have them removed. When I asked him what he does to remove the mercury fillings, he said that when it’s time, he will just take them out and replace them. I thought something special was supposed to be done to make sure that I don’t get any mercury residue in my mouth. He’s making me nervous. Can I trust him or should I think about switching to a holistic dentist?” – Janelle

Janelle – If you are concerned about amalgam fillings in your teeth, you may want to consider a dentist who customarily practices mercury-free dentistry.

Composite Fillings

Why Some Patients Choose a Holistic Dentist

There are dentists who practice safe amalgam removal by isolating the teeth that contain amalgam fillings and ensuring that you are not exposed to amalgam material or vapor. What’s the issue with mercury vapor? According to the National Poison Control Center, if mercury vapor is inhaled, it quickly gets into your bloodstream and spreads to your organs. That concerns many people. For that reason, many dentists who practice safe amalgam removal adhere to at least several of the steps below:

  • Isolate the tooth as the amalgam filling is removed
  • Provide pure oxygen for you to breathe in during the process
  • Break up the fillings into pieces
  • Use high-speed vacuum to suction out the amalgam fillings
  • Rinse your mouth with a solution to which any amalgam filling particles will adhere

You can find two or three dentists who practice holistic dentistry, schedule complimentary consultations with them, and ask questions to see if your concerns are addressed. After you’ve met with the dentists, you can make an informed dentist as to whom you would like to remove your amalgam fillings.

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