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Bring Your Smile Into the New Year!

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Are you disappointed in your smile? Are you missing a significant number of teeth? Maybe you need to replace or restore most or all of your teeth. This new year is the perfect time to transform your smile and improve the quality of your life! Using our specialized dentistry skills and experience, we can create a beautiful, functional smile with our full-mouth reconstruction treatments.

Full & Partial Dentures

A traditional tooth replacement option, full and partial dentures replace a full or partial arch of missing teeth. Held in place by adhesives, metal clips, or dental implants, dentures consist of an acrylic base and artificial teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants look, feel, and function the most like natural teeth. A titanium post replaces the missing tooth root, which stimulates your jawbone to keep it strong. Missing teeth are replaced by dental crowns, bridges, or dentures and kept secure by the firm foundation of the implants.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Crowns are used to fix a variety of dental problems. They can strengthen a weakened tooth or cover a tooth with esthetic issues, like stains. Using advanced technology, we’re able to create and place your crown in just one visit.

Dental Bridges

For a full-mouth reconstruction, we can use a series of dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Bridges are artificial teeth sandwiched between neighboring dental implants or natural teeth capped with dental crowns.

Porcelain Veneers

Made from very thin shells of porcelain, veneers are placed on the front of imperfect teeth. They hide stains, misshapen teeth, small gaps, and more. When cared for properly, they last for decades.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction at Optima Dental Spa

A full-mouth reconstruction requires a significant amount of dental work. For your comfort, we offer IV sedation. We also thoroughly discuss the details of your treatment plan in a consultation.

When planning your mouth reconstruction, we’ll consider factors like your bite, jaw strength, gum health, and lifestyle. Staying within your budget is important, as well, so we’ll discuss different payment options. Depending on why you need a full-mouth, your dental insurance might cover some of the cost. At your consultation, we’ll work out all the details.

Interested in a new smile for this new year? Please contact Optima Dental Spa today!

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