Will Dental Insurance Cover a Holistic Dentist?

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I’ve finally got dental insurance after years of paying out of pocket. I was going through my insurance book trying to find a holistic dentist and they don’t seem to be listed in my providers. Does insurance actually cover holistic dentists or will I be back to paying out of pocket? Karyn Dear Karyn,
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Holistic Dental Care is Covered by Insurance

Yes. You can get insurance to cover a holistic dentist. What you’re bumping up against in finding one in your provider directory is likely because Holistic Dentistry isn’t a recognized specialty. A holistic dentist is a general dentist who has a certain philosophy in treatment. They consider the whole body in your dental care and not just your teeth. If you already have a Holistic Dentist that you love, see if they’re listed with your general dentist providers. If you don’t have one, just do an internet search. You can look under any of these terms:
  • Holistic Dentist
  • Natural Dentist
  • Biological Dentist
Be sure to check out their reviews before scheduling an appointment. You want to make sure they’re good with their patients, listen to them, and are pleasant to deal with.

What is a Holistic Dentist’s Treatment Philosophy?

They will make extra effort to ensure whatever enters your body is good for you. For instance, a holistic dentist will only give you mercury-free fillings. Though the American Dental Association still says that Amalgam fillings are safe, biological dentists understand a patient’s concerns about putting mercury (a known toxin both biologically and neurologically) into their body. You will also get metal-free dental crowns. While most people prefer them because they are much more natural looking and can give you a beautiful smile, other patients have serious metal sensitivities. Sometimes it’s hard to get a dentist to take those into consideration. You’d never have to worry about that with Dr. Selah. I hope this helps you find the dentist you want. This blog is brought to you by Portland Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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