Holistic Dentists in U.S. Compared to Over Seas

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I’m wondering if I need to go home to Korea for my toothache. I am in U.S. for school but have a bad toothache. My mother thinks if I go to a dentist here they’ll put mercury in my teeth. She wants me to come home to a holistic dentist. But, aren’t there holistic dentists here? Are they different here? It hurts a lot and my break isn’t for another month. Jan Di X. Dear Jan Di, Mercury filled fillings and mercury-free fillings It sounds like your mother really cares about you and wants you to get the best care possible. Because of that, she’s panicking about what type of care you’ll get at a dental practice here. The unknown can be frightening. While there are dentists who still use mercury-laden fillings, there are also holistic dentists here. It’s not a specialty as much as a philosophy of dental care. They take into consideration your whole body’s health and not just your teeth. They would never intentionally place anything which could bring you harm.

When There Isn’t a Holistic Dentist in Your Area

There aren’t as many holistic dentists in the United States as you may find in Asian countries. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to have an amalgam filling. Even if you can’t find a holistic dentist, there are many mercury-free dentists. They also only place white composite fillings. You will be safe. What won’t be safe is if you put it off for another month. Pain is usually a sign of infection. If you wait, the infection will spread and turn into a dental emergency. These can blow up quickly. If it happens to spread to your heart or brain, both of which are very close to your jaw, it can become life-threatening quickly. In your place, I’d assure your mother you’re going to see a holistic dentist who only uses mercury-free fillings. Then, you need to seek treatment as quickly as possible. You likely don’t have a dentist in the United States yet, but there are many who will see non-established patients in the case of a dental emergency such as yours. The sooner you get the care you need, the less invasive the treatment will have to be. This blog is brought to you by Portland Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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