Do Holistic Dentists Treat Tooth Infections?

October 9, 2018 4:09 pm | Published by
I’m considering going to a holistic dentist, but I heard they don’t believe in treating tooth infections. Instead, they’ll just extract the tooth. I’m not crazy about that idea so I thought I’d verify it before making a decision. Is that true? If so, why? Lucinda Dear Lucinda, A man holding the side of his jaw in need of an emergency dentist. While there is a fringe group of natural dentists who lean toward being anti-root canal treatment, that is not true of most holistic dentists. The fringe dentists worry that because there are microscopic holes in the canals then you’d never really get rid of the bacteria. However, they’re not considering our body has good and bad bacteria in it all times. A healthy body fights off small amounts of bacteria and keeps it able to fight. If there was never bacteria for our bodies to practice on, the moment one entered we’d have no way of fighting it off.

A Holistic Dentist Will Consider Your Whole Body

The only difference between a true holistic dentist and any other dentist is that they consider the health of your whole body. If you have a tooth infection and the tooth can be saved, they’ll do a root canal treatment. If the tooth can’t be saved, they’ll do an extraction. Here’s what they won’t do. They won’t give you a filling which concerns mercury. Instead, they’ll give you a mercury-free composite filling. They’ll never use something harmful in your treatment. Instead, they’ll find a way to treat you that works with your body. If you have metal sensitivities, you’ll get a metal free crown. The point is, they’ll listen to you. This blog is brought to you by Lake Oswego Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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