What Is Holistic Dentistry?

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The link between your dental health and your overall health and wellbeing is not to be ignored. Here at Optima Dental Spa, we emphasize that link with our practice of holistic dental care. New to the notion of holistic dentistry? Read on to learn all about it.

What Is Holistic Dental Care?

With our holistic approach to dental care, we look beyond just the care of your teeth by taking into account your overall health and recognizing connections between your wellbeing and your oral health. That means using non-toxic materials, emphasizing patient education and preventive care, promoting relaxation, and much more.

Mercury-Free Fillings

A key component of holistic dental care is in the materials we use. Traditional amalgam fillings actually contain mercury, an ingredient that can contribute negatively to your overall health. At our practice, we use only non-metal, composite fillings. Not only are they free of unhealthy elements, but composite fillings actually serve to strengthen your teeth. Additionally, we are happy to provide the service of safely removing and replacing amalgam fillings if you have them.

Porcelain Crowns

Similar to how we only use natural-looking and safe materials for fillings, we are also picky about the materials we choose for dental crowns. We opt to provide our patients with porcelain crowns. These restorations are not made with metal, and therefore safe to remain inside your mouth for long periods of time. Porcelain crowns are strong and durable, and they offer a realistic look that will blend in with the rest of your smile.

Holistic Dental Care in Lake Oswego & Portland, OR

Our Optima Dental Spa team will recommend a conservative treatment plan whenever possible. And you can trust we’ll be honest when we explain why certain procedures will benefit your oral and overall health. So let us know if you have any questions about our comprehensive dental services or would like to schedule an appointment. We have dental offices in Lake Oswego or Portland. Contact us today!


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