Are Dental Implants Possible with Metal Allergies?

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I have severe metal allergies. I can’t even wear my wedding ring. Just having coins in my pocket breaks me out in a rash. It’s awful. I get blisters and sometimes can have trouble breathing. Dentists keep telling me no one is allergic to the titanium in dental implants. However, I’m not willing to risk putting it in my body. Does this eliminate me from getting dental implants? I need to replace three teeth. Pam Dear Pam,
Three sample images of metal-free dental implants

Metal-free Implants are growing in popularity

I’m glad you wrote. I think we can solve your problem. I don’t like it when dentists use such absolutes with patients. There is no way they can say not one person is allergic to dental implants. While titanium is very biocompatible, everyone’s body responds to the stimuli and materials around them differently. This is one of the reasons Holistic Dentistry is becoming more popular. Holistic dentists care about your whole body and not just your teeth. They are also a lot better at listening to (and taking seriously) the health concerns of patients.

Metal-Free Dental Implants

There is an alternative for those who do not want a metal implant. Instead, you can get metal-free zirconia implants. Zirconia is quite strong. Its nickname is ceramic steel. They serve quite well as substitute tooth roots. Some dentists are resistant to them because they haven’t been around long. Titanium implants have been around for ages and therefore have a proven track record. Though we don’t have as much evidence of their longevity as the old standard, there hasn’t been anything raising alarms that they won’t last as long.

Aesthetic Considerations with Dental Implants

You mentioned you need three replacements. You should be aware once the implant crowns are completed, their color cannot be changed. If you have a desire to whiten your teeth in the future, it would save you money to do it before the crowns are made. Tooth bleaching gel only works on natural tooth structure. Your implant crowns won’t whiten with your teeth. If you whiten your teeth first, the crowns can be made to match and you won’t have to change anything later, saving you that extra expense. This blog is brought to you by Lake Oswego Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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