My CEREC Crown Doesn’t Match

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I’ve had crowns before. I used to go to a dentist in another state. I’ve since been relocated and am seeing another dentist. He’s got this CEREC machine which allows patients to get crowns in one appointment. The problem is it doesn’t match my other teeth at all. I’ve never had the problem before. Is it because it is CEREC? Is it okay to ask him to switch to the regular crowns? Danny Dear Danny, Porcelain crown being placed on a tooth Whether or not a crown matches your other teeth is a combination of the materials used and the skill of the dentist. If your dentist was using a porcelain fused to metal crown, those are harder to make look natural. That’s because the crown has to be made more opaque in order to cover the metal base. They also develop an unsightly gray line at your gum line. Fortunately, most dentists these days know better than to put those type of crowns on visible teeth and only use them for back teeth. When it comes to visible teeth a good dentist who understands aesthetics will only place all-porcelain crowns. Both traditional (but non metal based) and CEREC crowns are milled from all porcelain are can be made to look more natural. Porcelain mimics the natural translucency of your teeth be reflecting light.

When the Problem is the Dentist

If he or she is using all porcelain, than the problem is the skill of the dentist. It wouldn’t matter if he used CEREC or sent it out to a lab. His skill wouldn’t change. You have two choices in this case. First, you can give him another chance. Explain the crown doesn’t match and you’re unhappy with it. If he cares about the satisfaction of his patients he’ll re-do it. This is no guarantee he’ll get it right the second time around. Another option is just to ask for a refund and get the crown done by a more skilled cosmetic dentist. Unfortunately, if the crown functions properly and the only problem is you don’t like how it looks, your dentist is not legally obligated to give you a refund. It’s completely at his discretion. Hopefully, he’ll care about how you feel and will be willing to work with you.

Finding a Dentist Who Can Do It Right

I’d check out the smile galleries of some dentists in your area to see what type of results they had with the crowns they’ve made. Be sure to ask them if the photos show their actual work and are not just stock photos. If you like what you see, check out their reviews to see what experiences other patients have had with them. Best of luck to you. Remember the most important factor in a beautiful smile is the skill of the dentist. This blog is brought to you by Portland Dentist Dr. Mo Saleh.
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