Are CEREC Crowns Better Than Traditional Dental Crowns?

November 16, 2019 9:08 pm | Published by
Brunette couple with CEREC crowns smiles while drinking from mugs on a couch At Optima Dental Spa, we’re excited to offer our patients CEREC® same-day dental crowns as an alternative option to traditional dental crowns. If you’re not familiar with the treatment, you may be wondering what makes them so exciting! Are they that much better than the normal crowns? Here are some reasons we love CEREC and why we think you will too:

Time-Saving Convenience

Convenience is one of the key benefits when it comes to CEREC crowns. If you were to get a traditional dental crown, it would require coming into the dental office for multiple visits to complete the whole procedure. After impressions are taken of your mouth, you then have to wait a couple of weeks for an off-site dental laboratory to make your permanent crown. On the other hand, to get a CEREC crown, you only need to come in for one appointment! The CEREC machine eliminates the need for a temporary crown. Everything is done on-site during your appointment, saving you time!

Comfort at First Fit

Since the CEREC crown we fit you with is the permanent dental crown that will stay with you, there’s no dealing with a temporary crown. For many patients, this is a huge plus because temporary crowns can feel like an irritation due to their imperfect fit and size. With your completed crown, we’ll make any necessary fit adjustments on-the-spot so you won’t be sent home with a dental crown that doesn’t fit just like it’s supposed to.

CEREC Crowns at Optima Dental Spa

If you’d like to learn more about how CEREC dental crowns work and what sets them apart from the conventional crown option, head on over to our same-day CEREC crowns page. We also invite you to ask our friendly team any questions you might have about the dental crown procedure, our relaxing amenities, or our other services. Call or email us today! CONTACT US

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